“The most fiercely
loyal, dedicated
and hard-working
independent band in New Jersey’s music scene...”

— Bob Makin

++ summer 2017


++ new release 

© Lowlight 2017

Some thoughts from Dana, keyboardist of Lowlight and director of the “Motel Chronicles” music video:

As I was writing the concept for the video, I had some very particular people in mind to play each role. Thankfully, all those people ended up saying "yes" to
being a part of it. Everyone brought ideas, making it a true collaboration. 

The original concept was to actually shoot at one very specific retro motel location, having the characters occupy the room over different periods of time. It
turns out that shooting in a motel at our scale and budget reads "porn". The woman at our first check in asked us if anything "funny" would be happening, and
if there would be "more men coming". We tried to pass it off as a student film project, but were ultimately turned down at that location and had to pack up our
shit and leave (right as Colin came from around the back of the building shouting "I found the Carcosa!"). So we had to re-direct a bit, but ultimately ended up with what I feel was a more compelling video—a tale of a man obsessed, in pursuit of a mysterious masked character. I wanted to impart something that I think is so intriguing about motel rooms: that living in an environment that is both private and temporary can incite some really strange behavior.

Director: Dana Sellers
Director of Photography: Derril Sellers
CAST: Birdman: Joe Galuppo, Private Eye: Mike Petzinger, Pink Lady: Avery Mandeville, Colin Ryan as Himself, Cultists: Colin Ryan and Derril Sellers,  Bird Queen: Renee Maskin


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